Physicists and Fortran

The unbreakble bond

When we needed computers,
and learnt our A-B-C,
it was always dear Fortran,
and Fortran it will be.

Our variables are X, XX,
Y and then YY,
except when they’re integers,
then they’re I, II

However large our programs get
a thousand lines or two,
here we jump, and there we go,
with our old GO TO.

Some of us write subroutines
we call them insane,
The rest of us are happy with

Some folks try to brainwash us
for using language C,
but all that nasty pointers stuff
makes us feel dizzy.

Then we hear a step further,
a thing called C++,
classes, objects, and what not,
why such a complex fuss?

A dozen or so more fancy names,
although we have seen,
whatever those are really for,
we’re not really keen.

We are shocked to see so many,
hundreds and hundreds in breed,
when we have our old Fortran,
what else do we need?

So many are gone with time,
and so many will be,
it was always dear Fortran,
and Fortran it will be!


  1. good one!! Guess you are getting back in groove ;)

  2. Dear Abhay, just dropped at your webpage after a long time. Liked this FORTRAN Poem very much although I’m not much into programming.

  3. Good … very rightly captured :-). Majaa aali vaachaylaa.

    1. Thanks!

      I doubt whether all-Fortran programmers can see any trace of the real meaning… But anyway, they don’t need to!

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