The Mayans Were Right

… and the world is no more.

Saturday, December 22, 2012.

Our sources have confirmed today that the predicted has happened. The world as we knew it has come to an end yesterday.

Upon our approaching, the government authorities of various nations were reluctant to comment on the news, the common reply being that they would soon release an official statement after an appropriate inquiry.

In the meanwhile the news is spreading virally via all the unofficial channels, and has caused an enormous enragement in the general public against the governments for their neglect of duty of informing the public of the seriousness of the impending event. Many have observed further that the governments even “actively and systematically suppressed all those who tried to create awareness.” The sentiments go heavily against not just the governments, but also the influential scientists who kept advising the governments that it was a false alarm.

The minority of scientists—the doom-experts devoted to the subject of these predictions, which allegedly exist in the literature of many major old civilizations—had repeatedly alerted the governments of various nations about the impending doom, which the latter “happily ignored following the advice of the established mainstream scientists.” According to some doom-experts, the governments are “delaying reports even now in order to hide their irresponsible conduct.”

Although the “mainstream established scientists” are still trying to further the argument that nothing has really happened, some doom-experts said that the former “are in a state of delusion and need to wake up to the reality.” They further expressed the hope that at least now the governments and their scientific advisers will “learn to drop their prejudices and think with an open mind.”

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